Dear Folks, How is the New Year treating you?
Chances are that you feel glad that the-year-that-should-not-be-named if finally over ; You are looking forward and in fact cannot wait to travel again ; You are keeping up with the news on the COVID-19 Vaccine and the mutant strains that seem to be popping up ; and you are also quarantined just like you were last year!

So let’s be honest. After the year we’ve had, we weren’t really looking forward to our usual new year resolutions that we embark on, right? Well, one of those comes around this month each year. Yes, you’ve guessed it. It is ‘Dry January’.

Dry January 2021 was bound to come around and some of us did really give it a shot. But let’s face it, as good as an alcohol detox sounds, we are nearing the end of this mighty month. So most of us didn’t do it this year ( read : pandemic blues) and some of us did do it ( read : respect)! But now that January is coming to an end, does that mean that we can all scurry back to our old, nasty habits with full vigor? Or shall we try the Vahdam way of keeping a balance?

Us good folks at Vahdam India are going with the second option and invite you all to join us as well. We’ve named it the Ditch-the-Dry-Give-TeaTox-a-Try Challenge. Yeah, I agree that the name has gotten a little out of control. 




I’ll start off by saying that some of us love our beer or that second glass of Merlot to take the weight off our shoulders after/during a heavy week of long hours of work, household chores, kids being at home, and the added stress of the pandemic life - drinking in moderation is perfectly fine! But let’s acknowledge when that the second glass of wine, on some days, becomes a bottle - and sometimes just a few beers also becomes something we do every week. 


Of course, we aren’t here to lecture you about why to drink in moderation and ask you to make cold-turkey changes to your lifestyle no. But Dry January, or Dryunary, or Janopause ( as some call it) does benefit a lot of people. Dry January was the brainchild of a woman named Emily Robinson in the UK. She was training for a marathon that was due in February and to make her training more efficacious and better, she decided to lay off the alcohol completely for the month of January. As a result, she not only lost weight, slept much better, felt better and had better energy and endurance for the run. People start asking her what it’s like to lay off the booze for a month. She eventually joins Alcohol Change UK where more people listen to her experience and think about laying off booze for a month after the binge Christmas and New Year drinking. 


This is where the idea of a ‘Dry January’ was born and the following year in 2013, some 4000 people participated. This number grew from 4000 in 2013 to a whopping 100,000 people signing up in the year 2020! That’s really impressive.



The scope of doing a ‘Dry January 2021’ now is slim to none and we at Vahdam like to look at sustainable changes, rather than abrupt, cold-turkey changes. Instead of laying off alcohol for just a month, we invite you to join us in our Ditch-the-Dry-Give-TeaTox-a-Try challenge for 2021. Yes! For the whole year, let’s bring in some moderation in how much we drink and balance the negative impact of that by nourishing our bodies with some powerful detox teas. Over some time, you are bound to feel like making a conscious shift from your usual alcohol consumption to more of healthy teas


This way, one doesn’t have to give into unnecessary pressures associated with new year resolutions; Plus you do reap so many health benefits from cutting down on alcohol by some percentage and replacing that with healthy herbal teas or bold black teas ; and actually come to a more sustainable point of making a conscious shift from your usual alcohol consumption to more of detox teas.  



We just wouldn't ask you to do a detox challenge without telling you what to detox with! So leave the worrying to us and simply choose from our list of 5 best detox teas, blended artfully by connoisseur blenders in consultation with nutritionists.  Be it our herbal teas or our green teas, we only source the prime harvest from places of origin of bounteous herbs, spices, flowers and of course, tea. So sip on!


Turmeric Ashwagandha Herbal Tea Tisane

Our first choice is the Turmeric Ashwagandha Herbal Tea as it is the perfect cup to help with the times you crave alcohol. Several studies suggest that Ashwagandha promotes calm and can alleviate anxiety, thereby helping you fight the urge to reach out for a glass of wine. Our Ashwagandha tea is blended with sun-dried turmeric, with powerful curcumin, that has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as well. This blend has an uplifting aroma of lemongrass and a subtle spicy kick of the black pepper. 

Our turmeric teas are herbal teas which has  zero-caffeine, is vegan, keto-friendly and is a 100% organic as well.  


Mint Melody Green Tea

The second recommendation on the list is our Mint Melody Green Tea which has high-grown Green Tea harvested from renowned tea gardens in the Himalayas, blended tastefully with a mix of peppermint and spearmint to offer a super rejuvenating, refreshing cup of tea. The health benefits of green tea are many, out of which one of the prime ones is its positive effect on liver health. 

Studies have shown that drinking green tea regularly can help reduce the levels of liver enzymes (which is a good thing for your liver), reduce oxidative stress because of the abundance of beneficial antioxidants, and also bring down fat deposits in the liver. So if you are worried about your liver from binge drinking, try incorporating two-three cups of green tea in your daily routine. 


Matcha Lemongrass Chai Tea Premix

Our third recommendation is a one-of-its-kind product and we are the only ones who make it as a superfood. Our recently launched bountiful range of chai tea premixes are made with bold black teas as a base, blended with authentic Japanese Matcha Green Tea, the undefeated champion of superfoods. But what’s more in this blend is that it has aromatic lemongrass, black pepper, and a natural sweetener stevia.

Matcha is an absolute winner and has 137 times more beneficial catechins, a type of antioxidants, than green tea. These have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that benefit your overall health. Drinking matcha regularly can help protect the health of your liver. It helps reduce the level of liver enzymes and also reduces the risk of liver diseases. Matcha will also help alleviate stress, improve focus and promote calm. A great choice for a detox! Plus our Matcha Lemongrass Chai tea premix is low-calories, organic, vegan as it has been blended with coconut milk, and is a great switch if you are bored of green teas or herbal teas.


Apple Cinnamon Herbal Tea Tisane

We invite you to try this signature favorite of ours, the Apple Cinnamon Herbal Tea Tisane, which can be brewed both hot or as an iced tea. Herbal teas are great for satiating cravings and filling as a low-calorie alternative beverage which you can have several times in a day.

The Apple Cinnamon Herbal Tea tisane has bold black tea, full of beneficial antioxidants, which promotes good liver health. Along with this, there are apple peels, hibiscus, spices like star anise, black pepper, cardamom and licorice. Over all, this is a fantastic blend with heavenly flavors, but with the antioxidant goodness of black tea and hibiscus flowers. 

Now that we have suggested our top detox teas that will help balance your health and serve as delicious, wholesome options to help control that urge to binge on booze. We only ask that you reduce the weekly drinking to half and bring in these detox teas into your regular diet to combat the effects of alcohol on your health. 

You can check our exciting and healthful range of detox teas, teas for better sleepteas for digestionteas for better immunity, and take your pick!

So let’s take it easy this year after the year we’ve have had and help ourselves transition towards holistic wellness in a kinder manner!

Until next time, 


Mayuri Ghosh

Editor-in-Chief | Vahdam India

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