Herbal Teas are one of the most healthiest alternatives to caffeinated, sugary beverages. With tons of health benefits of herbal teas, they are the perfect addition to your daily wellness regime. Let's take a look at the kinds of herbal tea, their respective health benefits, some exciting nutritional facts and more!

In this day and age, where stress is a given constant and bad health choices are unavoidable at times, the need to turn to simple, sustainable holistic wellness is greater. For that cold you struggle with every season or the itch in the throat ; for improving your digestion or to just sleep better - one cannot and shouldn’t jump to taking pills. Let’s pledge to start looking for natural, holistic alternatives that are super efficient and are bountiful as well. And a great start is the world of Herbal Teas

What are Herbal Teas?

Herbal Teas are a concoction of one or more herbs, spices, florals, or other botanicals that are brewed in hot water. The term ‘teas’ attached here is actually a misnomer as herbal teas don’t contain any tea at all, but are only made of botanical ingredients.

Known for a plethora of health benefits, ranging from congestion relief, boosting immunity, inducing sleep, and improving metabolism. Many researchers have lately been engrossed in ratifying the range of herbal tea benefits. A sip of these delicious and bounteous herbal tisanes, as they are also called ‘Tisanes’, be it in the evenings or as a midday elixir of good health is a great alternative to regular caffeinated drinks. One can also drink it post a heavy meal to boost the digestion process or just to settle the tummy! With the holidays coming, we all could use some soothing and calming herbal teas.

Types of Herbal Teas & Health Benefits

The world of herbal teas never ceases to surprise and allure us! There are various kinds of herbal teas, some specific to the region and some are born out of sheer genius of seasoned blenders. With each spice, each herb, and each ingredient having its own purpose and health benefits, herbal teas are a great caffeine-free alternative, are vegan which means that it's the perfect hot beverage for lactose-intolerant folks, and are also low-calorie as there is no added sugar. 


With various health benefits of herbal teas having a wide range, one can categorize them on the basis of what they can do for our health. For example, herbal teas that can help improve focus, boost digestion, strengthen immunity, promote sleep, alleviate stress and anxiety and help energize. The scope here is truly massive!

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular herbal teas and their respective health benefits.

Mint Teas

Mint tea is not only utterly refreshing but they also have several health benefits. It contains menthol as the chief constituent, which is a natural muscle relaxant and a mood enhancer. Apart from helping alleviate stress and anxiety, mint herbal teas also help soothe the stomach and provide relief from nausea.

You can choose from our super fresh minty blends like Pure Mint Herbal Tea which contains the perfect blend of peppermint and spearmint. Zero caffeine and big on vitality! 

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile flowers have been revered throughout history for their golden properties of inducing sleep and promoting calm. An antioxidant called ‘apigenin’, present in chamomile tea, binds to receptors in the brain, helps promote calm, and signals the brain that it is time to sleep. It also helps promote digestive health, regulate blood pressure, and boosts cardiac health.

You can relish our Classic Chamomile Tea or the bountiful and delicious Turmeric Chamomile Herbal Tea that packs the ultimate superfood turmeric with the goodness of buoyant chamomile flowers. 

Ginger Teas

 An age-old superfood, Ginger has been used in healing potions and health elixir since a long while now. With an abundance of antioxidants, ginger teas have amazing immunity-boosting and anti-inflammatory benefits. Great for alleviating throbbing headaches, helps boost metabolism, helps strengthen overall immunity, provides effective relief from a sore throat, helps lower bad cholesterol and reduces the risk of cardiac diseases. 

You can try out our best-selling delicious Turmeric Ginger Herbal Tea that is bound to become an instant favorite for when you need something soothing for that itchy throat or to just comfort yourself on cold days. Great for settling an upset stomach as well. 

Turmeric Tea

The ultimate superfood, Turmeric is an ancient ingredient that has been used in Ayurveda ( the traditional Indian medicine) for more than 5000 years! From being used to heal and treat wounds and injuries, to being the perfect natural solution for glowing skin, to being a super booster for immunity and what not- several studies have proven the effectiveness of this spice.

The active ingredient ‘curcumin’ present in Turmeric Teas has incredible antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These antioxidants help in reducing cell damage, help boost immunity. Turmeric also has strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which help heal wounds and injuries. It also helps improve focus, reduce risk of neurodegenerative diseases, and helps boost heart health as well.

To read what turmeric can do for your overall health, read our detailed turmeric tea guide here.

Vahdam India has an award-winning Turmeric tea collection which consists of several scrumptious and bountiful turmeric teas like Turmeric spice herbal tea, turmeric pepper herbal tea, turmeric saffron herbal tea, turmeric ginger herbal tea and our turmeric chamomile herbal tea. 

Hibiscus Tea

Not just a beautiful tropical flower, Hibiscus flower has amazing health benefits too and can be brewed into a delicious cup of tea with tart notes. Hibiscus tea is known to have effective sedative properties and can put your mind to ease. Hibiscus herbal tea also helps in fighting bacterial infections in the body and helps regulate blood pressure, as it is packed with beneficial  antioxidants. This vibrant herbal tea is also fortified with vitamin C and essential minerals that are known to aid weight loss.

You can relish our alluring in-house Hibiscus Rose Herbal Tea which blends the choicest hibiscus flowers, chamomile, blue cornflower, rose petals, and exotic spices. 

Herbal Tea Nutritional facts

Now that we have let you in on the types of herbal tea, let’s take you through some exciting facts about herbal teas that should be reason enough for you to incorporate them into your daily wellness ritual.

  • Usually consumed unsweetened, herbal tea is a light, zero-calorie beverage. You can add a dash of honey for some sweetness.
  • Herbal teas contain no-caffeine or very low-amounts of caffeine, as there is no tea present in them. Say goodbye to those unwanted caffeine jitters and anxiety. Say hello to calm and good health.
  • Loaded with beneficial antioxidants and several nutrients, herbal teas are great holistic solutions to cure common ailments like cold and flu, cough, headaches, upset stomach or indigestion, bloating, improving immunity, sleep etc.
  • Herbal Teas are incredibly light and low-calorie that aid weight loss and also are beneficial for people who are following lifestyle diets like intermittent fasting, KETO, or paleo diets. These teas are known to keep you satiated when you feel hungry while being beneficial for you. 

Practice Mindful Sipping

While it’s no surprise that herbal teas are being served in many formats all over, including  eateries lately, swapping it for food or other essential intakes during the day’s course might affect your body’s system. Switching it with important meals or over-consuming teas, or any other foods for that matter might cause irreversible damage. While scientists are still trying to figure out the exact effects, it is definitely helpful and recommended to restrict the intake to a recommended level to absorb all the nutrients.

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