Ashwagandha Cinnamon Chai Instant Tea Premix, 200 gm

100 Servings

Instant Tea

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  • Sourced from the finest tea estates and spice gardens.

  • Packed fresh at source in India.

  • Ships from India

About the tea
Sourced by VAHDAM India directly from the tea estate, cleaned & vacuum sealed at sourced in India and shipped directly to our fulfilment centers in the US. Teas, as fresh as in the gardens.
High Caffeine
Certifications -

What's Inside?

Whole Milk Powder

Organic Raw Cane Sugar



Black Tea


Black Pepper

Tasting Notes

Our unique and flavorsome Organic Chai tea instant premix is infused with the Ayurvedic adaptogen Ashwagandha, sweet and woody Cinnamon, and bold black tea to offer you a relaxing cup of wholesome goodness after a long day.

All natural flavors, only 45 calories, Vegan Chai to take along wherever you go! A scrumptious latte, the cup has a light brown colour and opens with earthy notes of Ashwagandha which gets balanced by the sweetness of Cinnamon, undertones of which travel throughout the cup.

The cup ends on a slight peppery note which gives it the kick. The overall cup is full bodied, earthy, and has a sweet flavor.

Steeping Instructions

Water – 200 ml
200 ml Use O2 rich water, running stream or RO filtered.


0.17 oz tea in 200 ml water


Condiments- Add sugar or honey as per taste


Refrigerate for 2-3 hours or Add ice cubes


Best Consumed-Iced

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your Chai Lattes healthy?

Yes, absolutely. Our Chai Lattes contain less than 45 calories per serving and are sweetened by less than 2 grams of added cane sugar per serving with Stevia.

What does USDA Organic Chai Latte mean?

Our Chai Lattes are made up of certified organic ingredients i.e. zero chemicals are part of the ingredient composition.
These are the finest quality ingredients procured from across the country and blended at our facility in New Delhi with utmost care.

How much time does it take to brew a cup of Chai Latte?

Our Chai Lattes can be brewed instantly. They are instant premixes that you just need to simply cut, mix and sip.

Can this be brewed hot or cold?

The Chai Lattes can be brewed both hot and cold. To brew it hot, just add one sachet of the premix in 200 ml water heated at 95C and mix it well. To brew it cold, repeat the same process and refrigerate it for 2-3 hours. Add ice cubes and serve. 

Does your Chai Lattes contain Tea?

Yes, our chai lattes have real instant black tea in them.

How much Caffeine per serve is present in 1 cup of Chai Latte?

Caffeine per cup varies depending on the Chai Latte variant. Any variant of our Chai Latte has at least 20 mg of caffeine per serve. 

Added to your Bag

Ashwagandha Cinnamon Chai Instant Tea Premix, 200 gm

Ashwagandha Cinnamon Chai Instant Tea Premix, 200 gm


Added to your Bag

Ashwagandha Cinnamon Chai Instant Tea Premix, 200 gm